The top ten security tips for Halloween

The top ten security tips for Halloween

With autumn comes a time to relax and start enjoying quality family time. Halloween is one of those special occasions where parents and children can share unique and magical moments.

People are getting more concerned with potential threat and want to assure the maximal security for their loved ones.

Allow me to review with you the top ten recommendations to insure that you and your family spend a happy and safe Halloween. You can make a game or reviewing these recommendations with your children. Let’s say they get one point for every recommendation they can guess or they can draw the recommendation they liked the most and you can post it on your refrigerator.

By observing these simple recommendations,The top ten security tips for Halloween Articles you will be able to enjoy a fun and safe Halloween. Remember it is allowed for parents to disguise themselves as they are passing Halloween with their children. Although your children will pretend to be embarrassed about the fact that you are wearing a costume, they will secretly think you are the coolest parent. Just don’t expect them to say it out loud to you!

Here are the top ten tips for a safe and fun Halloween, in random order:

1) It is better to wear make-up than wearing a mask, the visibility can be greatly reduced when wearing a mask, especially if the mask is not a perfect fit for the child.

2) It is always better to pass Halloween with an adult. This parent can stay in the street and will be very helpful to carry the extra bags. Seriously, in case of emergencies, an adult carrying a cellular phone can be of great help.

3) Wearing a bright costume is highly recommended. Although a black, dark costume can have its effect it can easily be missed out by passing cars. A costume in which it is easy to walk is also highly recommended. Smaller children tend to get tired fast at Halloween and can tumble and fall if their costume is too long.

4) Carrying a flashlight or a fluorescent necklace can be very handy and will make children more visible upon walking the streets in Halloween.

5) A child should never pass Halloween alone. Furthermore, even though most people are trustworthy, children should be informed to never go into any house upon Halloween night.

6) Upon passing Halloween, street signalization should still be respected. It is highly recommended to only cross streets at intersections and waiting for cars to go by. After all, although your children are wearing Superman and Spiderman costumes, this does not make then invincible against a car hit.

7) Reinforce to your children that they should never get into a vehicle unless it is yours.

8) When your children arrive from their Halloween treasure hunt, check their candies with them making certain that none contain suspicious matters. Most children will naturally limit themselves to a certain amount of candies. It is somewhat recommended to supervise their ingestion of candies so they don’t get carried away and end-up regretting it.

9) It is recommended, upon passing Halloween in one street, to do one side and then the other. This way, the children only get to cross the street once, thus limiting the dangers.

10) If your children are older and want halloween restaurant decoration ideas to pass Halloween in group and have forbidden you to tag along (it can happen), make sure you know their route and what time they plan on returning. In our modern days too, it is very easy to trust your children with a cell phone and keep contact this way. You do have to remind them to turn it on before leaving…

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